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ABOUT New Product Development.

New Product Development is a daunting task for any company.  In many instances product development becomes one of the firm's most significant financial outlays.  An experienced product develpment consultant or consulting company can provide guidance through the numerous financial pitfalls. 

Upon embarking upon a product development consultancy for a client, one of the first tasks should be a review and explanation of the five primary stages of product development:

  • Migration from concept to detailed specifications
  • Prototype Development
  • Pilot Production
  • Certifications and approvals (UL, Part 15, Part 68, etc.)
  • High volume production
Each of these stages contain many decision points at which an experienced firm can provide valuable guidance.

Time Tested Product Development Techniques

No stage is more important than the "migration from concept to detailed specifications".

Anxious to proceed with development, companies seeking to develop new products often attempt to enter into RFQ or bidding activities before a detailed and accurate technical specification has been created.  As a result, subsequent responses from potential vendors are impossible to accurately evaluate because the proposals are based on perceptions rather than specifications.  It is typically advisable to engage an experienced and reliable product development organization to create detailed specifications that can then be destributed to vendors and subcontractors for accurate bids and proposals.

New Product Development
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